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Can you get pregnant if you are on birth control and don't get your period? can i get pregnant if im on birth control and i haven't gotten my period in over a year almost but i had sex without a condom and he finished inside of me? i missed my pill that b

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Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge answered

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If : If you are taking your birth control pill as directed, then it is over 90% effective in protecting against pregnancy. However, if you are not taking the type of birth control pill that is meant to stop your period, it is prudent to let your doctor know about the irregularity of your menses. Most birth contaking some birth control pill regimens involve having your period by incorporating some inactive pills, to produce a menstrual cycle. Follow up with your doctor accordingly.

Answered 10/3/2016



A small possibility: Birth control pills have a very low failure rate (<1%) if they are taken perfectly, but typical users (who may miss pills) have a failure rate of ~9%). I would also advise using condoms in addition to birth control pills to lower your risks of stds if you are not absolutely certain that your partner has not other partners and if you do not have other sexual partners.

Answered 11/25/2016



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