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Hi i am 36 year. old i have now a days i am facing erection problem for a few days is there any reason behind it?? please answer my question

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Dr. Stephen Southard answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Many causes: But for a young gentleman without any clear medical issues, such as appears the cause for you, the most likely cause is stress/anxiety/mood related. There are causes related to nerve or vascular issues but again, this is uncommon in the younger population. Your best bet is to be evaluated in person or at least seek a formal consultation on HealthTap to better determine some contributing factors.

Answered 11/23/2014


Dr. Jalal Zuberi answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Mostly psychological: Although erection is a physiologic phenomenon, occurring naturally from the needed or accidental stimulus, most problems in erections men face is psychological in nature related to nervousness or anxiety etc. Try to relax, change scenario and let your body react naturally.

Answered 11/16/2014



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