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My 13year old daughter was sick with fever and vomiting. that's done but her face feels numb. can violent vomiting cause that?

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Dr. Victoria Wang answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not likely: 1. Face numbness after an acute infectious illness needs to be investigated. 2. She should see her pediatrician and she needs to be watched. 3. Sometimes a bell's palsy might develop after a viral infection. This is a numbness and paralysis of the facial nerve on one side. If this persists, please see your pediatrician.

Answered 9/20/2013


Dr. Willam Lau answered

Specializes in Infectious Disease

Probably not: A 13 yo should not have facial numbness, even after a febrile illness. Violent vomiting may cause facial puffiness, but the tissues in the face are very lax and not prone to put pressure on sensory nerves. If there is enough pressure on the nerves to cause damage, it would be one sided and not the entire face.

Answered 11/18/2013



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