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Did i make a bad choice getting a good degree, even if i am unfortunate to land a career in my field? i feel like a failure. am i a failure?

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Dr. Bac Nguyen answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Maybe just bad luck: I would not call that a failure--you would not have gotten the degree, which in itself a success. The economy is still quite bad and many people have difficult time finding good jobs for their degrees. Also, the area you live/looking for employment may not be good at this time. Sometime people will do something else just to get by while waiting for the right opportunity. So, chin up. Good luck!

Answered 12/10/2013


Dr. Martin Raff answered

Specializes in Infectious Disease

No: You have successfully completed higher educational training. How could that be a failure? Your inability to secure immediate occupation may relate to your field or the generally poor economy we have, but you yourself are a success, and just awaiting vindication of your endeavors. Good luck. If you continue feeling poorly about yourself please see a clinical psychologist.

Answered 10/1/2013



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