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I just found out my baby has a soft marker on his heart... im really worried but doctors said i shouldnt really worry since im young, should i worry?

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Dr. Brian Greenberg answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Look further: Soft markers on the heart are a weak sign of down syndrome, meaning that it is cause to look further. Best to have a more detailed ultrasound looking for other markers. If they are absent and you are under 35 the risk is quite low.

Answered 9/4/2013


Dr. Fuad Kiblawi answered

Specializes in Pediatric Cardiology

No. : The soft marker, an echogenic focus or bright spot on echo, is a weak and nonspecific marker for down syndrome, and with young maternal age (<35yrs) and absence of any other signs or markers, does not increase the risk above that of the normal population. So if that is the case with you then i agree with your doctors. If there is any other suspicion then a fetal echo may be indicated.Good luck.

Answered 5/22/2015



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