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My happy 10 months old babys' ankles are very stiff & i can't bend it. she is standing on her toes & never puts her heels down. she plays & acts normal?

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Tight heel cords.: Probably tight heel cords, which cause a lot of children to start walking on the balls of their feet. This a fairly common, hereditary condition, provided no history of premature birth or problems with delivery. Allow her to walk on the balls of her feet until age 4 , then consult a foot & ankle surgeon, for a percutaneous tendo achilles lengthening.

Answered 8/30/2013



Bring her to: A pediatric podiatrist or orthopedist. If she is otherwise okay this is good as neurological deficits could manifest this way. But a short or contracted achilles' tendon is a possibility, a habitual toe walker is a possibility, you would also want to rule out any malformation of ankle bones. Hopefully, with achilles' tendon stretches and using a heel lift this could be corrected.

Answered 8/22/2013


Dr. Johanna Fricke answered

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The part of the : fetal brain that sends signals to that area is very sensitive to drops in oxygen or blood flow from late 2nd trimester on. Her pediatrician will check muscle tone, strength & reflexes & refer to Early Intervention for physical therapy & orthotics to help improve quality of movement, if needed.Toe-walking that persists for 3 mos. after the first independent 10 steps is developmentally atypical.

Answered 7/14/2014



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