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Are there any products (price doesn't matter) that i could use to even skintone redness and acne scarring on cheeks to get even skin. im on accutane?

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Laser: Unfortunately, once the scars have formed, there is nothing you can do medically to remove them. Laser treatments have been found to be successful in flattening and removing scars. Probably not quite 100% effective, but better than anything medication wise.

Answered 8/4/2013


Dr. Marsha Davis answered

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Not on Accutane : When you finish Accutane try a consult for fractional co2 ablation ( i like mixto the best ) to get rid of scars and give a balance skin tone after one treatment! not one product for your problems are great. Just remember to moisturize during treatment !

Answered 1/5/2019



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