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What is going on? i haven't rolled or done anything to my foot but i'm in severe pain and i can barely put weight on it, i have examined my foot and there's nothing that seems different but the pain is very bad?

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Dr. Hiep Le answered

Specializes in Nephrology and Dialysis

If the pain is so bad, you should visit an urgent care. If you do not want to, you can tentatively take tylenol or motrin for that pain then observe your foot and avoid weight bearing for the next 24 hours.

Answered 9/2/2022


Dr. Jeffrey Trantalis, DPM answered

Specializes in Podiatry

Without further detail not able to provide opinion. If you have pain dorsal -lateral mid foot, limited range of motion a sublimed cuboid can produce a painful foot like this.

Answered 9/24/2022



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