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I have been getting tremors on the left side of my neck for the past three months. i am also very off balance when walking and feel like i can't get a full breath of air when i breathe. oxygen levels, blood work all came back fine. had covid?

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Side effects in some individuals who have had COVID-19 can cause neurological effects such as muscle tremors, balance issues and decrease in respiratory reserve, causing diminished endurance and in increased oxygen demand with previously mild exertion.

Answered 4/5/2022


Dr. Amrita Dosanjh answered

Specializes in Pediatric Allergy and Asthma

There are many symptoms and signs which may occur after COVID 19 infection. Long COVID has been associated with prolonged neurologic and pulmonary conditions. Pulmonary function testing and a chest image may be indicated. Physical therapy and regular visits with your physician are recommended. Please have a COVID 19 booster. Please provide information re how long ago the infection occurred.

Answered 4/6/2022



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Hi Im covid positive and have low blood pressure . Its day 10 for me but I can only take shallow breathes and can even inhale my asthma pump. I have this device which reads oxygen level in blood and its low (91-93), sometimes 89. Im weak, advice?
I am experiencing shortness of breath (severity: mild) (time frame: sudden) (worsened by: lying down) (unaffected by: psychological stress, exercise or physical activity) (better by: sitting upright) (unaffected by: rest), cough (worsened by: lying flat) (unaffected by: exposure to secondhand smoke, night time) (associated with: barky, hoarse, or hacking sound, whooping sound upon breathing in, phlegm or mucus) (not associated with: blood in phlegm, chronic, persistent in winter), fever (severity: mild), dizziness (worsened by: hot weather, lying flat, sitting upright) (unaffected by: changing head position, exercise, prolonged standing) (unaffected by: with fluids, rest), headache (severity: moderate) (time frame: sudden) (occurred: 1 - 3 hours) (side: front, left, right) (worsened by: sneeze or cough, being tired) (unaffected by: bending forward, changes in sleep pattern, psychological stress, exercise, being at high altitude, menstruation, skipping meals) (better by: rest) (unaffected by: stress management) (associated with: dull or aching sensation, sensation of pressure or fullness) (not associated with: occurring at the same time of day, sharp or stabbing feeling, throbbing sensation, wake you from sleep), aching muscles, generalized weakness, chills, body aches, chest congestion, difficulty breathing through nose, runny nose, sore throat, and nasal congestion. I have the following risk factor(s): living in or recent travel to high risk covid-19 region.
I have tested positive for Covid-19, 11 days ago.My senses are almost back, temperature is normal but when I take a walk or shower I get tired and the shortness of breath is scary. I breath normally once I lie down for a min or 2?
I have a sore throat and am hot. Im waiting to get tested for covid as everywhere near me is backed up and sold out tests. Im feeling like I cant catch a breath and short of breath. How do I know if its related to covid what do I do?
After covid I feel like I'm not getting a full satisfying breath my o2 levels are fine Thank God if I could describe it it feels as if my upper lungs aren't expanding all the way?
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