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I have enlarged tonsil that is red and swollen whenever i eat spicy food my right side throat and tongue burns i have an erupting right side third molar too, today my tonsil is irritated and burning and its even swollen what is the reason?

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Dr. Clarence Grim answered

Specializes in Endocrinology

Most likely a viral tonsillitis but need to see to better evaluate. Let someone look in there and examine you.

Answered 11/28/2021


Dr. Neil McLeod answered

Specializes in Prosthodontics

An infected eruption crypt around a third molar will be drained to the tosil and the submandibular glands so it is quie understandable that you would be having problems. You need to have the problem treated, please see your dentist, and I would stay off the spicy foods if you can.

Answered 11/30/2021



Too many reasons for tonsil inflammation to list here. A physical examination and medical history is required to establish a diagnosis. That is best done in person rather than virtually. This is a general information site, not an individual diagnosis site. Don't eat spicy foods until you can see a General Physician or preferably a specialist Otolaryngologist (EENT).

Answered 12/25/2021



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