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What would be the best way to find out about mental health? i have signs of depression, anxiety, ptsd, ppd, as well as bipolar disorder symptoms. all of the above are causing issues within my life now?

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Dr. Philip Schwarzman answered

Specializes in Emergency Medicine

The best way to deal with this is to have an evaluation by a mental health professional, eg psychiatrist or psychologist. The issues are all treatable .

Answered 4/26/2021


Dr. Judith Tellerman answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

Have a physical exam by a Dr. to know if you have a physical illness. If cleared consult with a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in multiple types of psychotherapy to help with ZOOM & a Psychiatrist for medication. Sleep is fundamental to good mental & physical health. If you are not sleeping well ask for a sleep study.

Answered 4/27/2021



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