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My blood pressure is 130/80 cholesterol 260 pulse 120 female 44 healthy overweight but workout 3 days a week. should i make appt to get blood pressure or cholesterol meds?

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Dr. James Ferguson answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

You should certainly make an appointment. An evaluation including a full history and exam is a good start. I would no assume that meds were the best way to go if dietary & lifestyle changes improve things in short order. Such changes don't have side effects.

Answered 4/9/2021


Dr. Ramalingaier Parameswaran answered

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Suggest that you see an internist that you have confidence in for further assessment of your cholesterol, your family history,your diet, and weight management. Simple initial steps should include dietary advice, the benefits of weight reduction. Please make sure you follow all preventive measures. Whether you will need medications is to be determined by your physician depending on repeat results.

Answered 4/12/2021



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