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I keep having lung infections since march 2020. i have reflux gerd sinutis asthma & ibs if i stick to a diet work out lose weight i shouldn't have bronchitis anymore. my whole life i've been active and healthy. at 43 i don't smoke i'm scared it copd?

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Dr. Clarence Grim answered

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GERD Lung infect: Some with GERD get acid into lungs, and aggravate asthma. I would recommend putting the head legs of your bed on 8 inch blocks (Bed Bath Beyond) to see if that helps GERD Lung Asthma. Gravity never sleeps. Also get your BMI down to 25 and much may go away. Discuss with your team and read uptodate.com about GERD and lung infections, etc.

Answered 2/27/2021



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