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My right shoulder and upper arm hurts every time i try to lift it straight up towards the ceiling. it also hurts to sleep on. i have to use my other arm to move it after i fall asleep on it from how much it hurts. i havent injured it. what can i do?

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? shoulder issues: Possibly developing an adhesive capsulitis in right shoulder which can develop in females with thyroid or diabetic issues. Another consideration is Parsonage-Turner Syndrome, affecting the upper brachial plexus. See your doctor, get diagnosed. All of these can be fully resolved with appropriate intervention.

Answered 1/24/2021



Needs evaluation.: Your complaints suggest irritation of your BRACHIAL PLEXUS something called ADHESIVE CAPSULITIS though this is more UNCOMMON in your age group. Having diabetes is a risk factor for both of these conditions so be sure it's under EXCELLENT control. If it's capsulitis then, it usually resolves over time. Call Parma Neurology @440.842.3816 if you'd like an in-person or telemedicine consult.

Answered 4/8/2021



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