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My 3 year old daughter had dental surgery yesterday to put caps on her teeth and also a upper front tooth removed. now there is a yellowish white thing in the hole of her extraction site. she has mild discomfort. is this normal?

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Normal: The yellowish-whiten thing is a blood clot to help the extraction (surgery) site heal. If the tooth was removed because of decay, her body is now fighting residual infection. Check her temperature 3-4 times a day. Make sure she remains hydrated. Between the infection, the surgery (extraction), and the caps (also surgery), she's had quite an ordeal. She should perk up soon.

Answered 11/12/2020



Normal healing: So young for this treatment but the healing area is normal for this type of treatment when a tooth is extracted. A yellow or green area can form at the extraction site and is normal as the tissues are healing and some bacteria is still present. If the area swells up than go back to the dentist right away. Also keep area clean and rinse with with HYDROGEN -PEROXIDE and water at least twice a day.

Answered 11/29/2020



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