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I'm having severe tailbone pain 8 on the pain scale please someone help what this is? standing up from sitting position hurts the worst

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Coccygeal pain: Is there additional history? Trauma? Generally coccygeal pain and coccyx fracture are treated conservatively. Sitting on a donut pillow, avoid pressure on the area, and tincture of time are usually most appropriate. However, if this just came out of nowhere then it is probably worth a physical exam and perhaps imaging to determine exact cause.

Answered 5/23/2015



See your doctor: Various reasons why this can hurt. Get evaluated. For some, getting a u-shaped sitting pillow, or a donut pillow to sit on is a very helpful way to off-load the coccyx (tailbone) as it heals. Anti-inflammatory medications can also help. At times a special type of injections to block some nerves in the area can help as well. But you have to first ensure there are no bad things causing the symptoms.

Answered 12/10/2013



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