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I used a very cheap ( without brand) teeth whitening gel. how would one know if the gel have damaged the teeth or gum?

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Dr. Arnold Malerman answered

Specializes in Orthodontics

Examination: Ask your Dentist to examine you for damage. If a product actually does what it advertises on the box it may be eligible for the ADA Seal of Approval. If no seal, no one has tested it's effectiveness. And, as you know, you get what you paid for.

Answered 10/7/2017


Dr. Gary Sandler answered

Specializes in Dentistry

You can't: You can't know for sure and that's why it's best not to use these types of products. Having said that, it's unlikely it did any damage to the gums and less likely to the teeth. Best to consult with a dentist now who can actually examine and advise you.

Answered 11/28/2017



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