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Poor nutrition slows growth but will it affect final height?

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Yes: Most people reach their maximum height in their late teens. Without nutritional problems or chronic childhood illnesses, height is largely based on genetics and parental heights. Aside from eating right, exercising, sleeping well, and being happy, there's not much a person nor his doctor can do to increase height. In rare cases, growth hormone is approved for use in younger, extremely short kids.

Answered 7/8/2023


Dr. Martin Fried answered

Specializes in Nutrition

Grwoth chart: The best way to tell is to be plotted on a growth chart by your pediatrician/ The best strategy is to improve the nutrition before it affects the height. The final height can be determined by an Xray of the hand- it can tell you if the nutrition is impacting the growth.

Answered 7/8/2023



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