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I'd love some help understanding some bloodwork results. tpo) ab (high - 304 ml) tg antibody (high - 18.7 ml) t4 free direct 1.11 normal tsh 2.44 normal do these results indicate hashimoto's? it will be a few weeks before i see my doctor.

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Dr. Philip Kern answered

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Hashimotos: Yes, the positive TPO antibodies suggest Hashimoto's thyroiditis. But your FT4 and TSH are normal, so your thyroid is still working fine. Someday, you may become hypothyroid, but that day could be in 6 months or 20 yr. This often runs in families. Why were these drawn in the first place? A goiter is common as the thyroid enlarges to compensate.

Answered 8/14/2017



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