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I have pain in between the pelvis and leg for some reason i have had it before but it didn't hurt or stay this long. it is throbbing but no swelling?

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Needs examination: To work out whether coming from your back, hips or a soft tissue problem of the groin or if referred from the groin (e.g. hernia, testicle). Seek urgent attention if fevers, testicular pain or swelling develops. Please see a doctor licensed in your area promptly to be examined as you may need some tests run to sort it out.

Answered 9/2/2017


Dr. Donald Colantino answered

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Groin pain: Discomfort in the groin may indicate a strained inguinal ligament which can last weeks. Another possibility is the presence of an inguinal hernia. If discomfort persists consult your physician, general surgeon or an orthopedic specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

Answered 9/4/2017



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