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Is there a medical or psychological explanation for why adults sometimes have bad dreams? what are the most common causes/reasons for them?

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Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

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Dreams: are one way that we work through conflicts and work on healing. Nightmares sometimes are symbolic and are a way that we try to work through issues that may be lingering. Vivid dreams or nightmares can also occur as a side effect from some medications.

Answered 6/19/2017



NIGHTMARES: We all dream every night & don't remember the dreams unless there is a very upsetting reason either because of physical illness or emotional problems. Have a physical exam by a Dr. to know if you have a physical illness. If cleared consult with a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in multiple types of psychotherapy to help you with ZOOM & a Psychiatrist for medication & possible sleep study.

Answered 1/16/2021



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