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Does cervical dysplasia always turn into cancer?

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Dr. Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay answered

Specializes in Hospital-based practice

No, but need PAP smr: Cervical dysplasia is a risk factor for cervical cancer, but doesn't automatically guarantee cancer. You'll need regular PAP smears if cervical dysplasia is found - yearly surveillance. Make sure you inform your Gynecologist of any changes in your health. Some women don't want to be hassled with yearly visits, & choose to undergo a cone biopsy / cone resection (preserving fertility) or other surg

Answered 3/30/2017


Dr. Steven Hebert answered

Specializes in Pathology

Great question: Without treatment, 30 - 50% of cases of severe cervical dysplasia progress to invasive cancer. The risk of cancer is lower for mild dysplasia.

Answered 1/16/2015



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