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U/s report shows enlarged uterus with multiple fibroids,largest one at right posterior wall of uterus fundus, can't see ovaries. gyn suggest mri. should i hsve pelvis mri after my monthly period or middle in between 2 periods for better mri result??

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Dr. Louise Andrew answered

Specializes in Emergency Medicine

Shouldn't matter: MRI is unaffected by hormones.

Answered 8/16/2016


Dr. Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay answered

Specializes in Hospital-based practice

Ask your Gynecologis: It depends on what your Gynecologist thinks the problem is (& what symptom s/he is trying to treat). The ovaries are largest in mid-cycle, so if the concern is that the ovaries aren't seen, that would be the time. If the concern is endometriosis, then the most hormones are produced during the monthly period. The fibroids can enlarge during that time. Talk to your Gynecologist or use HealthTap Prim

Answered 8/11/2016



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