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Will valium and alcohol affect your alk phos, ast and alt levels when a liver function test is performed. alkphos29, alt110, ast38 bilirubin dir 0.4?

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Alcohol : Alcohol alone can do it . Why are you drinking and taking valium too . Refrain from all alcohol use , do not take tylenol (acetaminophen) at all either . If you have been taking valium regularly that don't stop it suddenly , keep taking it to prevent withdrawal sx . If you have any shakes or tremors consults your pcp

Answered 7/15/2016


Dr. Ralph Morgan Lewis answered

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Liver function tests: Although valium is metabolized by the liver, it does not increase or decrease liver enzyme activity. Alcohol, on the other hand, depending on the amount consumed & frequency of consumption, can significantly elevate liver enzyme levels to a lesser or greater degree. Your alt is about 4 x normal; ast & direct bilirubin r minimally elevated; alk phos is ok. Tylenol (acetaminophen) can also affect liver enzymes.

Answered 5/3/2019



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