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If man has a congenital heart disease , is his life term short?

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Depends: Congenital heart disease have had significant advances in technology of diagnosis and treatment. Especially with surgical treatments. So much so that there is now a specialty in cardiology kown as "adult congenital cardiology" dedicated to the care of adults born with congenital heart disease. To answer your question it depends on the details of the disease. Some may not affect life span,some will

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Dr. Sarosh Batlivala answered

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Varies: Congenital heart disease includes a wide-spectrum of problems. Some are repaired and the patient has essentially normal life-span. On the other hand, some lesions are complex and can significantly shorten life span. But in general, medicine is advancing well and many patients born with heart defects are living into adulthood. If you are an adult with CHD, discuss with your PCP to see an ACHD doc.

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