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How many palpitations can a person with a healthy heart experience in one day and not be worried about it?

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Dr. Cornelius Oleary answered

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Tachycardia: Tachycardia from a normal sinus rhythm always has a cause. The heart beats faster when we get excited, to maintain blood pressure, deliver more oxygen when our iron or blood count is low, from pain, and a myriad of other causes. Go to your doctor if it is happening a lot, ask your parents family history. Arrhythmia does occur in young people, WPW for instance. Get a physical to be safe.

Answered 12/26/2015


Dr. Calvin Weisberger answered

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Palpitation treat: Treatments include not using caffeine, alcohol , street drugs, smoking and other stimulant substances. Try to learn meditation and other calming techniques, cut out herbal substances, cough and cold medicines, nutritional supplements, see your doctor to be sure no direct heart problem and for treatment if the basics above don't help.

Answered 1/3/2016



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