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My doc said that the level of vitamin b12 in my blood was at the 1200 level. is that still cause for concern even when my other blood work was fine?

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Dr. Lisa Rankin answered

Specializes in ADHD and Autism

No: That is at the upper end of normal or a little out of range on high end depending on which lab you are using. Levels that high are usually associated with supplementation. Depending on how much, how frequent and by which method ( oral, sublingual, injection) you can back off on dosing frequency if you like. If you feel better keeping it at that level then no harm done.

Answered 12/12/2018


Dr. Stephen Southard answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not particularly: As there really a limited suggestion of toxicity related to vitamin B12 intake.

Answered 10/18/2017



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