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Sharp pain suddenly onset by drinking liquids (cold mainly) specifically in my back left of around t6 - every time i swallow. mild gerd.what is this?

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Dr. John Feola answered

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R/O ESOPHAGEAL SPASM: Gerd can predispose to esophageal spasm which tends to flare with extremes of temperature of your food. Ie very cold or hot food. You need a full exam labs amylase/lipase H pylori titers/stool for HPYLORI x 3. Hi consult with endoscopy and esophageal mammometry to check for spasm. Also biopsies for HPYLORI. Zantac vs Nexium (esomeprazole) may provide relief. Also gluten free diet Wholeapproach.com /gutbliss.com

Answered 2/11/2019



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