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A root canal for my abcess tooth on 1/17/15. he did not put me on anti biotics before hand and my face is still swollen. how long does swelling last?

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Can't generalize: Swelling in your hand is not likely to be related to the root canal. Depending on where your facial swelling is the same may be true there. We don't always use antibiotics when treating root canals of teeth so you really need to have your facial swelling evaluated by your treating dentist and your hand swelling looked at by your primary care provider. Swelling lasts as long as there is inlammation

Answered 3/17/2017


Dr. Paul Grin answered

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Call your dentist: After the root canal treatment, you may have some swelling and certainly some pain. If swelling does not decrease after 48-72 call your dentist immediately for post root canal evaluation and treatment if needed.

Answered 3/18/2015



Root canal: This is either a very old question making the rounds again, or you have mistyped the date. If you are still experiencing pain, swelling, or bleeding, return to the General Dentist or specialist Endodontists who did your treatment for a reevaluation.

Answered 9/1/2017



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