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Hemorrhoids right inside of my anus.dont hurt but when i have a bm they protrude and make for messy cleanup.had normal colonoscopy 1yr ago.what to do?

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Dr. Erik Borncamp answered

Specializes in Wound care

Banding vs. surgery: When hemorrhoids get to the point that they are interferring with your life that is the time to move forwrard. Either banding or a proceedure to remove the hemorrhoid (excision, ligation, laser) is really the only option given your issues. Creams etc will not remove the problem. See a surgeon or proctologist.

Answered 4/2/2013


Dr. Amir Bastawrous answered

Specializes in Colon and Rectal Surgery

Hemorrhoid treatment: See your colorectal surgeon. This can be taken care of with simple office procedures. Rubber band ligation can help, i think.

Answered 1/10/2018



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