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Injured wrist. dr. took xray. no obvious break. but saw a space.sent out to be overread.happened 5 days ago. wrist is splinted. still throbbing pain?

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Dr. F. Thomas Kaplan answered

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Ligament tear?: You may have ruptured a ligament in your wrist. The most common is a scapholunate sprain. If there is a space, it could mean a complete rupture of this ligament. It is important to follow up with a hand surgeon to determine the best course of treatment. In the meantime, keep it splinted, elevate, and use anti-inflammatories if you tolerate them.

Answered 7/5/2012



?ligament injury: There are a number of ligaments that hold the small wrist bones in proper position and enable them to move in conjunction with one another when you move your wrist. When someone talks about a 'space' on a wrist xray, it may be that one of the small ligaments is torn, allowing two bones to separate wider than usual. You should be evaluated by a hand surgeon, who will be able to interpret the xray.

Answered 5/4/2016



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