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A 45-year-old member asked:

Urine twice a day what's wrong?

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Dr. Francine Yep
Family Medicine 32 years experience
To pee or not to pee: It's normal to pee every 2 hours but it's a mind over matter thing: we learn not to pee at night [convenience] and not to pee as often during the day [school and work rules]. So twice a day doesn't sound abnormal in general but maybe different for you. Talk with your doc if it hurts to pee, you have blood in your pee, back pain or fever, or if you just have questions.
Dr. Eduardo Haddad
Nephrology and Dialysis 47 years experience
Nothing for sure.: Your urine volume is a function of how much water you drink. For most people it will be more than that but under conditions of less water intake or increased perspiration it will be less. Normal kidneys can concentrate the urine greatly.
Dr. Stephen Chinn
Urology 39 years experience
Infrequent voiding.: With adequate hydration, most men will void 5-6 x's/day (350-500 ml/void) and most women 7-9 x's/day(300-400 mls/void). You haven't said how much urine comes out when you void. You could be dehydrated, or you may have a dysfunctional bladder. Either way you should bve seen/evaluated by a urologist.
Dr. Alan Schrager
Urology 56 years experience
Infrequent voiding: It is unusual to void so little.. You may have an issue with bladder innervation or other bladder issues, this also may simply be normal for you.. You should consult a urologist..
Dr. Michael Yu
Urology 27 years experience
Intake?: How much fluid are you taking in? It could also be an issue of not drinking enough fluid.

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