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La Fayette, GA
A 26-year-old female asked:

5 days had dull ache on and off on left side of head. not painful. i just saw a dr 7 days ago for checkup, im in great health 29 male. what do u think?

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Dr. John Munshower
Family Medicine 30 years experience
Head ache: Any thoughts would be a guess without you getting an examination. Having a normal exam within the week though would go against high BP causing a head ache, and assuming you made no new dramatic changes to your diet, etc, than it could be a simple head cold, sinus congestion, or migraine variant. Try an otc pain reliever (ibu or tylenol (acetaminophen) if not allergic to) , ...If persisits, see a dr. Again.
Dr. Mitchell Cohen
Psychiatry 37 years experience
Neck spasm, stress: Temples are a referral area for tension and stiffness in the neck. If you are working for long periods at a computer or leaning over projects, this can cause tightness of the cervical paraspinal muscles that can radiate to either or both temples, even leading to tenderness of the temples. If headache occurs at day's end, likely related to day's stress, if happens in am, may relate to poor sleep.
Dr. Larry Maturani
Hospital-based practice 24 years experience
Benign headache: Since you just had a checkup, i presume you told your doctor about this. If these persist, your doctor would be wise to order imaging. Now while it probably is benign, you can never be too sure. For now, do not worry but if they persist, you will have to get a ct scan of the brain to rule out another cause. Migrane headaches can be one sided, they are extremely painful.

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Putnam Valley, NY
A 43-year-old female asked:

I need a knee replacement so my otto gave me painkillers till I go but lately I had a lot of pain so it says take 1to 2 every 4 hrs for pa?

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Dr. Nolan Segal
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Ice: Try to limit the pain killers. Usually an absolute max is 8/day. It depends on the drug and the strength. Cold packs for 15-20 minutes at a time can help. There are many different meds to try if the 1 you are using is not effective.
Bicknell, IN
A 23-year-old female asked:

Since I was 5 I have had hearing problems. Now i'm 23 can't hardly hear feels like blockage. Ears hurt, and can't sit through fireworks. Please help!?

2 doctor answers3 doctors weighed in
Dr. Robert Kwok
Pediatrics 33 years experience
Need full evaluation: A person with hearing problems since age 5 years will have had evaluations by her pediatrician or primary care doctor, been referred to an audiologist for complete testing, and been seen by an ENT doctor to find out if there is any correctable disorder causing the hearing problems. If these things have not been done, she should write down her story and take it to her primary care doctor to start.
A member asked:

I have a bad knee I could not walk two weeks ago without a lot of pain my doctor sent me for a X-ray it didn't show anything?

1 doctor answer1 doctor weighed in
Dr. Ish Rawal
Internal Medicine 19 years experience
Cartilage: Xray doesn't show cartilage damage. If knee pain is persistent despite normal x-ray then MRI should be done to explore other possible cause.
A 18-year-old female asked:

I have the flu and am struggling to breath with bad chest pains and shooting pains down my left arm?

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Dr. Martin Raff
Infectious Disease 56 years experience
See a doctor: This no longer sounds like influenza. If flu to begin with this can predispose you to secondary acute bacterial pneumonia which can be potentially very severe and even fatal. Please go to an emergency room asap and be examined and treated. Do not wait. Hope you are better soon.
A 54-year-old male asked:

Pain in leg vains and swelling painfull to the touch?

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Dr. Frederick Buechel, jr. md
Orthopedic Surgery 26 years experience
Phlebitis & others: Pain and inflammation of the leg veins is called phlebitis. When this occurs it can be painful to the touch. The worrisome condition for which you need to get checked is a blood clot (deep venous thrombosis, dvt). This can be checked with a duplex ultrasound of your leg veins to make sure there is flow that is not blocked by a clot in your vein. There are many reasons for swelling so get checked!

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Last updated Jun 10, 2014
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