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My doc said i had no gallstones in my gallbladder . but when he got inside. he said i had lesions on it. and removed it.

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Dr. Anthony Filly answered

Specializes in Radiology

Kind of vague: Not sure what he means by lesions. You should ask him to be more specific and ask for a copy of the pathology report.

Answered 5/17/2014


Dr. Randy Stevens answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Pathology will tell: Your surgeon will discuss with you what he found and why he removed the gallbladder. The pathologist will examine the gall bladder for any lesions. During your surgery the surgeon has to decide if the gallbladder looks so abnormal that it is better to remove it rather than leave it inside. He must have operated on you because you were sick and now you are better and recovering. Follow up.

Answered 2/25/2013



I have to: Think you had symptoms or there would not have been a work up (?Ct, u/s) that would detect stones, but if you have pain, and dyspepsia, n+v to warrant "a look", taking the gall bladder may find inflammation regardles od stones, and occasionally even cancer. Not sure why you ask, but you can request a copy of the path report.

Answered 10/18/2016



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