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I recently had a pinched nerve in my lower back which caused leg pain. back pain is gone and dr. said leg pain may be ct band. what is my ct band?

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Dr. Bruce J. Stringer answered

Specializes in Radiology

Muscles & Tendons: The ct band(calf to toes)delivers force from the calf to the foot. It can be described as a group of 8 muscles and tendons that have their origin in the posterior lower leg that descend the leg to the back of the ankle and then insert into the heel while others continue on to the bottom of the foot to the toes. The ct band functions as a lever and is the most powerful lever in the human body.

Answered 3/12/2020


Dr. Kornelis Poelstra answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Leg pain: He may have said it band, or "iliotibila band' from the hip (pelvic wing) over the greater trochanter of the thigh bone all the way to just below the knee on the outside. Maybe call them to clarify. Some stretching and nsaids might work great to help it!

Answered 2/20/2013



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