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How long can a person with chf stage 2 live? can they live a normal active life with medication and care?

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Dr. Kai Philipp Olshausen answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

You can do well: A general answer - with some mild limitations as far as extent and intensity of the activity the quality of life can be very good. Control with medication is important as well as with lifestyle factors, like diet. The prognosis and likelihood of possible worsening of the CHF is also closely tied to the reason for the chf, so hard to predict without knowing that.

Answered 11/21/2014


Dr. Rodney Samaan answered

Specializes in Cardiology

It can vary: Many patients with heart failure can live quite a long and normal life because of the many great medicines we have now. All patients with heart failure should be on an ace inhibitor and a beta blocker (i prefer Coreg or toprol). There are other diurectics that can help such as aldactone (spironolactone). After medications, there may be a need for a bi ventricular pacemaker or a implantable defribillator.

Answered 1/9/2015



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