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I have had migraine headaches for years. i take beta blockers. for the last year the top of my head hurts whenever i bend over, sneeze or cough. ?

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Increased pressure: The symptoms you're describing could be related to increased pressure inside your skull. This could be due to many things including a mass, high blood pressure or a vascular malformation. It is definitely something you need to discuss with the doc treating your headaches right away.

Answered 5/29/2018


Dr. Sarkis Banipalsin answered

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Assessment needed.: Several issues must be reviewed: 1, sleep problems? Even you might not realize that, 2. Any trigger points or painful points in neck as they give referral pain in head, 3. Is there any medication withdrawal or sudden stop? 4. Is scalp tender on top of head? See your doctor for assessment.

Answered 4/6/2018



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