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What could cause peak systolic velocity of right internal carotid artery to be elevated to 130cm/s but no elevation in left ica & no stenosis found?

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Dr. Jahan Zeb answered

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Peak velocity: Sometimes what is being recorded is not the velocity in the internal carotid but an adjacent artery such as external carotid . This could also be related to high flow situations or other technical factors.

Answered 6/20/2015


Dr. Amy Reed answered

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Normal curved artery: This can occur in some normal carotid arteries as well as some arteries that are more curved. In the absence of plaque build up this would not be worrisome. Best regards!

Answered 12/4/2014


Dr. Benjamin Lerner answered

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Mild disease?: This could be mild narrowing of the right internal carotid, but in a 25 year old, this is more likely due to a kink in the vessel, and is normal.

Answered 9/28/2016



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