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Last dec. i felt a vibrating in my chest & was put on ativan (lorazepam) for anxiety. now it's in my head, is still constant/intense with citalopram (& trazodone to sleep). also a bit dizzy. what could this be?

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Dr. Brian Broker answered

Specializes in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery

Different directions: There are many different possible causes of the sensation that you feel, from infections to anxiety and many in between. I assume your physician performed an exam and several tests before giving you ativan (lorazepam). However, since the sensation has moved to another area i would suggest an exam by an ENT physician. Perhaps a fresh perspective will provide answers.

Answered 6/10/2014


Dr. Mohammed Younus answered

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Ask the doc: Since you are being treated for what appears to be anxiety/mood disorder these are good questions to be asked to your psychiatrist.

Answered 2/20/2015


Dr. Judith Tellerman answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

It is important to find the correct combination of medications with your Psychiatrist. Have a physical exam to rule out illness. If you are not confident in your Dr. see another for a 2nd opinion. Medications are not sufficient since they do not teach you coping. Psychotherapy with a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in multiple types of psychotherapy can help your medications to work better.

Answered 6/25/2021


Dr. Reyes Cuevas answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

There has to be more than a vibrating chest right? No legit doctor would ever put a patient on such a horrible medication as lorazepam just for that... I highly recommend therapy before starting meds for anxiety.

Answered 6/26/2021



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