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How long does the mersa virus last on counters, clothing, carpet, etc and is there anything that will kill it?

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MRSA-not a virus -: A bacteria- it can survive on objects for days to months depending upon the conditions in the environment (temperature, humidity, etc). It is very hard to get rid of as it also colonizes people (armpits, nostrils) and can easily be transferred back and forth from the environment to the person. Disinfecting the house as much as possible is important. Also antibiotics for those who are colonized.

Answered 5/4/2014


Dr. John Leander Po answered

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MRSA Bacteria: Viruses don't respond to antibiotics. Mrsa is a bacteria that can be treated with specific antibiotics. Depending on several factors including humidity, physical traffic on the counter (generally called a fomite), and others factors, MRSA can stay for hours to days. Bleach, detergents, ultraviolet light, and many other reagents can kill mrsa, but are not necessarily safe for humans to consume.

Answered 6/10/2014



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