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My 11 year old daughter is suffering from headaches, light headed ness, dizziness. night sweats. rash on her neck, and bruises on her thighs, help!

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Dr. Alfredo Garcia answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Multiple symptoms: My best advice is to have your daughter get evaluated by her pediatrician. Dizziness could be from low blood pressure. Night sweats - from infection especially tb. Bruises on her thigh could be trauma or a blood disorder.

Answered 12/31/2019


Dr. Amrita Dosanjh answered

Specializes in Pediatric Allergy and Asthma

Evaluation: Your PCP may screen her for anemia, infection and a blood disorder. Please see your pediatrician right away. Recent travel history should be discussed with your PCP during the visit. Provide fluids, monitor her temperature and if she is worsening, please see the local Emergency department.

Answered 12/31/2019



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