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Is gastric bypass a healthy option for a type 1 diabetic, overweight teenager?

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Dr. David Wyatt answered

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Possibly: The risks and benefits of the different options for gastric surgery should be thoroughly explored with pediatrician/family physician, - the surgery does not change the child's relationship with food - and the benefits can be great for diabetes - but close attention to blood sugars and nutrition are the utmost importance.

Answered 11/17/2011



Depends: Bariatric surgery is effective in weight reduction. The person must understand it is just like pressing a "reset button" in which weight loss will be accomplished, but it must otherwise be followed by voluntary lifestyle changes for it to be permanent (ie. Good eating habits and exercise). If not, weight will come back. Insulin resistance will decrease, lowering required Insulin doses.

Answered 9/28/2016



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