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Is dry mouth dry nose and dry throat and that you bleed smaller a symptom of sporadic fatal insomnia or fatal familia insomnia?

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Familial insomnia: The symptoms you list have no relation to insomnia. You can learn more about ffi , a very rare, familial disease at this site: http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/fatal_familial_insomnia insomnia is very common. If you have it, see a sleep disorders doctor to help figure out what the cause is for you. There are many causes. It is very treatable.

Answered 5/4/2016



No: Dry mouth, dry throat, minor nosebleeds, etc..., are common symptoms that everyone gets on occasion. Fatal familial insomnia is a human prion disease, an eventually fatal "neurodegenerative disease" in the brain. That means symptoms would be neurological, such as disrupted sleep patterns, muscle movement and coordination problems, trouble walking, problems speaking, etc...

Answered 12/10/2013



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