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I am having severe aches in my hands and forearms. my hands feel cold and numb. i have recently been treated for all, with both chemo & transplant.?

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Dr. Beth Howell answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Chemotherapy: Some types of chemotherapy can damage the nerves, starting with areas furthest from the spine (hands and feet). This is called a peripheral neuropathy. Taking vitamin b supplements may help. You should consult your oncologist.

Answered 9/25/2013


Dr. Liawaty Ho answered

Specializes in Hematology and Oncology

Nerve problems: Chemotherapy for all as well as chemo for trasplant preparation may cause damage to the nerves- and as the result-you can have some numbness, tingling and sometimes also pain on your hands and feet. There are medications that you can try to help you i.e. Gabapentin, lyrica, (pregabalin) pain meds etc- discuss with your oncologist in detail. What kind of transplant do you have? Auto or allo transplant?

Answered 11/30/2012



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