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A 28-year-old male asked:

What is the definition or description of: soft palate?

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Dr. Marielaina Perrone
Cosmetic Dentistry 27 years experience
Soft Palate is...: The fleshy part of the palate, extending from the posterior edge of the hard palate; the uvula projects from its free inferior border.
Dr. Arnold Malerman
Orthodontics 54 years experience
Behind hard palate: The soft area on the roof of your mouth, behind the hard palate, that moves up and down when you talk, swallow, and breathe.
Dr. Jonathan Engel
Dentistry 40 years experience
Back of mouth: The soft palate is the area distal (behind ) the hard palate and is the area on the rough of the mouth before you get into the throat.
Dr. James Sidman
Pediatric ENT and Head and Neck Surgery 41 years experience
In the back: The soft palate is the back part of the palate that has the uvula (dangling thingamajig) and has no bone underneath it. It has muscles in it.
Dr. Thomas Yash
Dentistry 47 years experience
Soft palate: Inside the top of your mouth between your arch of teeth and behind to your throat is your palate. It has two parts: the hard(bony) and soft. The soft palate starts behind your hard palate to your throat where the little tissue(uvula) hangs down. It moves with speech, breathing, and swallowing. It is a highly sensitive area which can set off your gag reflex.
Dr. Kenneth Grossman
A Verified Doctoranswered
Endodontics 45 years experience
Posterior palate: This is the part of the palate farther back in the mouth that is not supported by underlying bone. It includes the uvula which is the projection extending posteriorly in the middle.

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