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How can i keep the fire in my relationship with my now-handicapped husband?

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Dr. Jon Ahrendsen answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Keep Trying: There are so many factors to consider, how handicapped is he, what can he do, what can't he do? Make sure to talk a lot. & to let each other know how much you do appreciate each other. Remember the biggest sexual organ in the body is the brain, & there are many ways for you to express your love & affection for each other. Perhaps an expereienced counselor or physical medicine specialist can help.

Answered 7/5/2012


Dr. Pedro Hernandez answered

Specializes in Geriatrics

Remember how u met: Keep saying words of appreciation, admiration. Be affectionate. Give him respect. Trust him. Believe in him. Do not accuse or blame each other. Depending upon his capacities...Attempt new ways of being romantic or sexual. Always remember your mission in life as a couple, remember your children. Eat healthy, sleep enough, exercise, look for sources of inspiration or motivation in reading, praying.

Answered 9/17/2012



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