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Orthopedic is there a way to corrrect a shorter leg and leg is turned outside from a knee dislocation at a very young age for this 22 y/o male...any doctors that does this type of surgery just like a vet who turned the kitty legs because it was backwards?

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So, : So, the short answer is, "yes", such procedures are done for folks who have significant functional impairment. The longer answer is that this can be an extremely involved process that may take well over a year in some cases. With the history you provide, it would be important to sort out whether the deformity is in the femur (thigh bone), in the knee joint, in the tibia (the bigger bone in the lower leg) or in some combination of these. Such operations typically involve a thorough evaluation by an orthopaedic surgeon who has experience in deformity correction and or post-traumatic reconstruction. If there are residual knee ligament issues that affect the limb, an orthopaedic surgeon who does sports medicine may be able to help, though your case sounds significantly more complicated than some. An assess ment of the amount of deformity in each plane (including the shortening) and an evaluation of the blood supply and the nerve function in this limb would, of course also be a part of this. Try contacting orthopaedic groups in your area, they may be able to refer you to someone who would be best for your condion. Good luck!

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THERE : There are answers to both problems. If all is intact above the tibial plateau (if you are talking about the same leg), a leg lengthening can be done up to a certain degree, and a derotation osteotomy can also be done. Gaining lenght is more limited than derotation. Both have limits and risks. If done at the same time more so. It can be done and it depends why you want it done. For function ok, cosmetic reasons no. Remember there is no problem so bad in orthopedics that it can't be made worse by surgery!

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