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Is it safe to have both laser resurfacing treatment and sculptra injections in the same area? i know both lasers and sculptra stimulate your body to make collagen. does that mean i could end up with too much collagen if i do both? should i have resurfacin

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Dr. Terrence Higgins answered

Specializes in Plastic Surgery

Sculptra : Sculptra should be injected into the deep planes of the face. Resurfacing will treat the superficial skin surface only. They can be combined... See a plastic surgeon for a consult. Best of luck to you... www.natureredefined.com.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Burke Chegar answered

Specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery

Safe: Staging these two treatments would be perfectly safe in most circumstance. Sculptra produces deeper fullness to help with areas of volume loss and laser treatments tends to improve more superficial lines and imperfections in the skin. The only exception: don't get a sculptra injection and then do laser soon after. That could possibly affect the sculptra product itself and limit results.

Answered 9/4/2013


Dr. Tanveer Janjua answered

Specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery

Laser & Sculptra: Both laer resurfacing and sculptra can be done on the same area but has to be at different times. You will not get too much collagen. The collagen build up is a slow process . You should get laser resurfacing first as there is some concern about losing effects of sculptra if laser is done on the same area.

Answered 8/21/2013



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