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No period for 9 months. now i am cramping, feeling heavy in my pelvic area. empty feeling in upper ab. what do you think? this is all recent too. the emptiness is like after you pee from holding a lot and you feel empty... only in my upper abdomen. i t

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You : You need to have a complete evaluation immediately. Your symptoms of not having a period for 9 months and now feeling heavy in the pelvic area are very concerning. You need to be completely evaluated. There are low costs and no costs clinics so please be seen immediately. If you have pain, vomiting, cramping, discharge, bleeding, or light-headedness/fainting then you would need to be seen in the er.

Answered 12/21/2018



Need to examine: It is not feasible to provide a meaningful opinion without taking additional history, physical examination and may be some tests. It would be prudent to see your doctor and discuss if you may be depressed. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, exercise may help. Start with low intensity exercise such as walking and gradually increase the intensity as tolerated.

Answered 12/22/2018



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