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Can i still have surgery for my gerd if i had a hiatal hernia repaired 2 years ago?

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Dr. Hon Lee answered

Short answer is yes: There are a percentage of surgeries that require reoperation due to the either progression of the disease process or limitation of the surgical procedure itself. If the GERD is recurrent, it may be due to these progressions but previous surgery would not preclude reintervention. Previous surgery does make the subsequent surgeries more complex.

Answered 6/10/2015



Yes: Yes you can, but it is highly probable that you already had an anti reflux operation. Some gerd symptoms may still occur, even if nothing is wrong with previous operation. You should see your surgeon, who may need to do some testing. Redo operation however should generally be done by someone with extensive experience with these types of operations.

Answered 9/28/2016


Dr. Michael Sawyer answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Yes: Sounds like you have a recurrent hiatal hernia or your fundopication has come at least partially undone, or both. After proper workup which may include egd (upper endoscopy), barium swallow or ct scan, you may be a candidate for redo surgery. This can usually be done safely with the laparoscope. Be sure your surgeon is very experienced with redo hiatal hernia / gerd surgery.

Answered 12/2/2014



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